• Use the sliders to specify the parameters of the deal such as the duration, monthly payment and admin fee
  • For the initial rental, select a number of payments up front (i.e. 9+23) or an absolute amount (£2,400)
  • Specify the RRP of the car if you wish to see the calculation for the yearly cost to price 
  • The summary will show you the cost over the term, total cost amortised (total cost of the monthly payments and initial rental divided by the number of months) and the cost to price ratio over the term

Yearly Cost to Price Guide

If you have specified an RRP we will provide you with a % yearly cost to price figure. This is a way of gauging the quality of the deal. See this blog post for a full explanation of the ratio.

I.e. A £35,000 car available for a total cost of £7,500 over 2 years = £3750 per year = £3,750/£35,000 *100 =  10.71% of RRP

Yearly Cost to Price guidelines

>15% – Fairly expensive, I’d consider looking around unless deals are rare

< 12.5% – Reasonable and worth considering

< 10% – Very good

< 7.5% – Amazing deal, snap it up

< 5% – Almost unheard of

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