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What is Car Leasing?

We understand that car leasing can seem confusing but in fact it’s very simple. Just think of it as a long term rental on a brand new car. You don’t ever own the car and hand it back at the end of the lease.

1. Find a lease deal

Find a car lease deal for the car you want. Using Lease Beast ensures you get an amazing deal!

2. Pay a deposit and any admin fees

The initial deposit can be a fixed amount, be careful to watch out for admin fees

3. Pay regular monthly payments

Pay even monthly payments amounts over the term of the lease

4. Hand back the car

At the end of your lease you hand back your car. You can then take a new lease and get a brand new car.

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Frequently asked questions around LeaseBeast and leasing in general

Car leasing, or Personal Contract Hire (PCH) as it’s often known, is an alternative way of financing a brand new car. It’s very similar to hiring a car on holiday but typically over a term of 2 or 3 years rather than just 1 or 2 weeks!

In essence, you’ll enter in to an agreement to borrow the car for a period of time from the finance company. You’ll typically pay a non-refundable initial rental up front followed by a number of monthly payments. 

At the end of the agreement you hand the car back and move on to the next lease agreement. 

Each financing method has it’s own pros and cons which need to be carefully considered. For some people, the idea of leasing a car and not building any equity in the car seems like a terrible financial decision. But that may not always be the case.

The aim of leasing is to beat the depreciation of owning the car outright. The good news is that manufacturers often provide support for some fantastic deals via leasing to boost sales figures.

For example, you may lease a £30,000 car which may cost you £6,500 over 2 years. Owning the car during the same period might end up costing you more than that. Let’s say £8,000. It would have been a better financial decision to lease the car plus you don’t have the hassle  that comes with trying to sell it!

We know you don’t have time to look through every car leasing broker to find your next car lease deal so we do the hard work for you. 

LeaseBeast will help you by sending you the very best deals on the market. We analyse deals from many different brokers and use our experience to provide our subscribers with what we consider to be the deals worth considering. 

Every week our deals drop in to your inbox in a clear format without the jargon and aggressive sales tactics. We suggest you move quickly as these deals don’t hand around long!

That’s not all, if we find a great deal from one of our sources we will send a one off email to notify you. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you and promise to only do this in exceptional circumstances. 

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