5 Reasons to choose car leasing over buying a car

  1. A brand new car on a regular basis – Do you love the smell and feel of a brand new car? Do you want the latest technology? The latest model sitting on your drive? One of the biggest benefits of car leasing is having a new car typically every 2 or 3 years. It’s great for people who like to sample different manufacturers or like to change their car regularly. If the car doesn’t live up to your expectations you’ll know the exact date it has to be handed back!
  2. Take control of your budget- You’ll know exactly how much your car will cost you. There is no ambiguity with leasing and no surprises. You agree the terms before signing the contract so you’ll know how much the deposit, monthly payments etc are over the term. Compare this with buying the car where the final sale price at the end of your ownership (and the hassle that comes with it!) will determine how much you’ll pay over the term.
  3. Protection from depreciation – Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Make a poor choice when buying a car and you may find it depreciates far more than you budgeted for. The Renault Zoe is 2018’s worst car for depreciation (LINK) and you’ll lose 78.7% (or nearly ¬£23k!) of its value after 2 years. When you lease that depreciation becomes someone else’s problem!
  4. No need to sell the car – Let’s face it, we have all listed a car on autotrader¬†or eBay and have been messed about by time wasters. Like those people who make ridiculously low offers or never turn up after you have spent the last hour cleaning and preparing your pride and joy. This experience isn’t improved by visiting a dealer who will offer you a terrible part exchange price! At the end of the lease you arrange for the car to be collected from your driveway. It really is that simple!
  5. Get a great deal (with leasebeast!) – There are some good leasing deals, then there are the brilliant ones. You’ll find situations such as manufacturers wanting to boost sales of a particular model and offering financial support. Or perhaps a new model might be coming out soon so the old model needs to be shifted quick. The biggest car leasing brokers can also secure excellent deals for their customers by committing to a bulk order of a model. These are just some of the examples of why you may find the best car leasing deals.

LeaseBeast will help you find the very best car leasing deals!

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