Using a Car Lease Calculator for the UK in 2019

Why use a Car Lease Calculator? Judging whether the car lease deal you have found is a good one can be challenging. Brokers and manufacturers often display the parameters of a deal differently to entice you with low monthly payments so comparing deals with different contract lengths, upfront fees and monthly repayments can confusing. On […]

Car Leasing Jargon and Glossary

We want to make things simple for you here at Lease Beast to find your next new car. If you are new to leasing the terminology can be daunting. We have compiled a list of commonly used jargon to help you understand leasing: PCH (Personal Contract Hire) – Leases are also often referred to as […]

5 Reasons to choose car leasing over buying a car

5 Reasons to choose car leasing over buying a car A brand new car on a regular basis – Do you love the smell and feel of a brand new car? Do you want the latest technology? The latest model sitting on your drive? One of the biggest benefits of car leasing is having a […]