The Basics of Car Leasing

What is Leasing? Leasing is a popular way to run a brand new car with regular and predictable running costs while being covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and often breakdown cover. It’s a similar process to hiring a car on holiday but over a much longer period – typically 2-3 years. You’ll know exactly how […]

5 things to look out for in a car lease

There are many important factors when deciding whether you should go ahead with a lease but below we list some of the most important things to look out for on a lease before going ahead? Monthly Payments – Probably the most important aspect of a lease is the monthly payments. Once you sign up for […]

How do you calculate a good car lease deal?

So you think you’ve found an amazing lease deal but how can you be sure you really are getting a great deal? At Lease Beast, we’ve got a simple calculation to help you decide if that deal is really worth going for or not. You need to calculate a ratio called yearly cost to price. […]